My name is Maksym Sotula. I’m an electromechanical engineer, and I loved drawing and design from my very childhood.

In 2006th I started a small business as a PC assembler and retailer, software and mobile Internet installer. Subsequently, business activity expanded to various other directions and services. Reasonably, I needed a website.

In winter 2012, when the season was slow, I decided to learn something new and make an own website if possible. Finally it came together on CMS Joomla 🙂

Later I continued my creative activity in Germany. I had being working with AutoCAD, Eplan, Photoshop etc. and developed a few WordPress websites.

The idea of a watch faces came, when I bought my first Samsung Galaxy Watch. I had been looking for a suitable watch face for weeks, but still couldn’t find something I wanted – elegant yet practical design without unnecessary decorations.

Thus the development of the wearables watch faces began. I just decided – if I can’t find a watch face, I’m gonna make one myself… And I did!

At present I can implement my ideas fully. Hope, you will enjoy them 🙂